February 2023  



When you set your mind on something, you will get it done. CTCUWF are on a mission. That mission is to be more inviting to women of all faiths. We are on a mission to share news about this sisterhood of women who are "United Women in Faith". As your conference president, I am on a mission to assist you in getting others excited about the work we do to enhance the lives of women, children and youth. We believe that love in action can change the world.

We're putting love in to action this month. Because we believe in protecting God's creation and those affected by global climate change, we are focusing on Climate Justice, one of our priority issues for 2020 - 2024 at our annual Sing-A-Rainbow - Charter for Racial Justice event on February 25th. Picture this, a group of women of all ethnic groups, gathered together, singing together and learning together. That is what you will see at Sing-A-Rainbow. 

As UWF members, we are called to be of service and to advocate for those whose voice is not heard. We are called to stand and fight for social and environmental justice issues on behalf of women, children and youth. Why all this talk about climate justice? Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane and other gases that trap heat in our atmosphere and warm our earth. The energy sector is the biggest emitter of human-made greenhouse gases and the greatest contributor to global warming. Global warming contributes to climate change.

The time is now for women of all faiths to join together and use our voice to ask congress to support climate justice legislation and funding, oppose fossil fuel projects and the Mountain Valley Pipeline and ask elected officials to support clean air. For more information and how to take action on these items go to: https://uwfaith.org/what-we-do/serve-and-advocate/just-energy-4-all/ 

Register now for this event and if you have children/youth, this will be a learning opportunity for them also. And if you want to know more about the Charter for Racial Justice, this is the place to be. Invite a friend to join you and remember, you do not have to be a UWF member to attend this event.

Invite, participate, share; let's grow together!

Pam Pinkerton-Whitley, CTCUWF President



United Women in Faith first adopted the “Charter of Racial Policies” in 1952. We worked on ratification at multiple levels of the organization and readopted an updated version in 1962. Throughout the years, we lobbied the United Methodist Church to officially adopt the Charter, seeking to bring its commitments to the full body of the church.

The charter was first received by the General Conference in 1964 and first included in the Book of Resolutions in 1980. Since then, it has been updated and readopted regularly by delegates to General Conference. From the 1950s to the present, the Charter has been a core part of our identity. https://uwfaith.org/what-we-do/serve-and-advocate/racial-justice/

Join us for a presentation on Eco-theology by Jenny Slidell and Charter for Racial Justice information from Fannette Welton, CTCUWF Social Action Chair. This event will be held at Grace Metroplex, 1310 Collard Street (on the campus of Texas Wesleyan) in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration begins at 9:00. By sending at least two members from your unit, you can be enrolled as a member of the Charter for Racial Justice. This is a free event. Hit the Registrations tab for more information.

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