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FIVE STAR, MISSION PROJECT, AND MISSION STUDY COMBINED REPORT FORM. The purpose of recognizing Local Mission organizations is to energize United Women in Faith members to be involved in mission through prayer, presence, giving, study and action. 

The combined report form is used to help organizations put Faith, Hope and Love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world. This form help units by providing opportunities to support mission with pledges, engage in prayer as mission, use your gift of presence as mission, use developed resources as mission, practice social holiness as mission as well as opportunities for local community mission. 

Each month when you meet as a unit, you can go over this form and note items that unit members have participated in. You can also use this form to decide which activities you'd like to participate in this year. One activity that is easy for your unit to participate in is writing 5 or more persons listed in the Daily Prayer Guide. I don't know about you, but I love to get cards in the mail. And yes, I still receive cards in the mail from people. It's not too late to order the daily prayer guide. 

You also have time to use one or more of the programs form the United Women in Faith's Program Book. This quarter programs are about being in Relationship to Self and One Another. How about getting together with another unit in your district and talk about the subject of "Hospitality". You have time to plan a "Community/Fellowship" gathering in May, or even gather and share a potluck meal and discuss the June Program, "Nutrition - Relationship to Self". You can access these programs on United Women in Faith Digital for a small subscription fee or order the program book online here: 

You can also let your voice be heard. Check out the Just Energy 4 All Resources. Just Energy for All is United Women in Faith's campaign to work for climate and mobilize members and communities to advocate for cleaner 100% renewable, and just energy - for people and creation. Visit the resource page for quick links, individual, unit and district level ways you can let your voice be heard. The link is found here:

Please remember to check out our Facebook page for information around the conference. 

Blessings to you,

Pam Pinkerton-Whitley. CTCUWF Conference President

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